Bosnia and Herzegovina

Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) was established in 2007 as a subordinate unit of the AF BiH Support Command.

The mission of TRADOC is to support the planning and to conduct basic, collective, and institutional training and education of individuals, commands and units of the AF.

Besides training and education activities, conducted in subordinate centers and training areas, TRADOC is developing doctrine, standardizing training, establishing a system of lessons learned and providing proposals for modernizing the AF BiH in order to achieve and maintain operational capabilities, interoperability and compatibility of commands, units and AF BiH as a whole.

In addition to the Decision of MoD BiH for the implementation of goals and tasks arising from the Memorandum of Cooperation within the Regional Distance Learning Initiative (RADLI), by the Decision of the Minister of Defense from January 2020, TRADOC has been assigned as the hub for the development of new capabilities for the MoD BiH and the AF BiH through the development and implementation of the advanced distance learning (ADL) concept f in order to improve the training and education system of the AFBiH.

Furthermore, TRADOC is responsible for the management of the ADL system in the AF BiH as well as for its further development and research in this area.

Contact: baadli.helpdesk@js.mod.gov.ba


North Macedonia

The Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski’ as a Project partner is actively involved in all the RADLI’s (Regional Advanced Distributer Learning Initiative) activities.

Professors from the Military Academy took active participation on many activities (courses, workshops, conferences etc.). On November 12th, 2019 the Military Academy was hosting MILCON’19 conference ”Contemporary education based on ADL” that was organized as part of the RADLI project.

On the same date there was an official opening of the newly established learning labs in the Military Academy in the presence of the Minister of Defence and Défense Attaché of the Kingdom of Norway.

The equipment is extensively used by the professors at the Military Academy for different online and onsite courses, including course related to IT, Networking, Cyber Security, Computer assisted exercises, GIS, etc.

The established labs were especially useful in the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, when the Military Academy needed to go online with lectures. The Interactive boards and cameras were used for better visualization of the presentations by professors. The Moodle platform installed on the servers is also used for sharing information, exams and as backup of the Microsoft Teams and BigBlueButton.

In the future Military Academy plans to use the established laboratories for conducting regional advanced training courses for the countries that are part of the RADLI project.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Mitko Bogdanoski mitko.bogdanoski@ugd.edu.mk



The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia established the Center for Simulations and Distance Learning (CS&DL) in 2010 to help transform and reform the defense system into a contemporary one, capable of performing new tasks requiring international cooperation and missions abroad, and developing new ways of collaborating with the institutions and organizations in the civilian sector.

Two early projects that were successfully realized through international military cooperation resulted in making this center fully operational. The implementation of distance learning was conducted with significant support of our Norwegian colleagues, while constructive simulations were implemented with the help of the French Ministry of Defense (MoD).

The major goal of the Serbian ADL Partnership Center is to modernize military education through the use of advanced technologies and a distance learning system. The project became a model for the development of a distance learning system in the Serbian Army.

Distance learning was used for vocational training for members of the Serbian Army following graduation. Another aim of the project was to define the requirements for installation of the technological infrastructure (e.g., telecommunications infrastructure, hardware, systematic, and applicable software) needed to accomplish the project. Distance learning today allows all members of the Serbian Army to continue with advanced training after they complete their formal education, and until the end of their professional military careers.

Point of contact: Col. Goran Šimić, goran.simic@va.mod.gov.rs



E-Learning Center (ELC) as part of the information society has, both within the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (MoD), been facilitating the acquisition of knowledge through the world wide web, encouraging innovation and creativity of participants, and, at the same time, enabling better responsiveness and adaptability of training in terms of place, time and subject matter, which can be adjusted to individual needs.

ELC also developing e-contents by the entire public administration. Center is located in Military Schools Centre who is the designated provider of military education and training programmes in the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Point of Contact at the ELC is Mr.Darko Ščavničar, PhD.
E-mail: darko.scavnicar@mors.si